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You might be wondering why the term SEO keeps popping up on your feed when it comes to researching about business practices. One of the latest trends in digital marketing these days is making use of the pre-existing algorithm used by search engines to a company’s advantage. What exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how can it help you?

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing practices such as strategic ad placements in billboards, flyers, and even quirky calling cards won’t be enough to cut it in today’s high-tech age. Brands are quick to adjust their efforts in promotions and advertisements from going to physical ad placements to digital real estates.

Adjusting To The Times

Do you remember a time when businesses focused primarily on showcasing ads through radio, and the more well-off brands using TV advertisements? Then you’re aware of how competitive companies were when it came to injecting their brand’s name and identity to their customers’ lives. From in-your-face billboards to sly posters on your route from work to home, companies invested a lot in making it easier for you to recall their brand. SEO serves to do the same, but this time – in the digital realm through online advertising.

What is SEO?

You might have gone through the trouble of finding something over the net and seeking your search engine for an answer.  It can be a tutorial to fix a broken sink or a suggestion on cheap deals on an item you’ve been saving up on. Either way, we turn to search engines to help us navigate through the thousands upon thousands of pages that may give us the answer to our queries. Chances are, we focus our attention and rely on the first page’s picks and consider it the best option without checking the other nine thousand pages to see if we’re right. If it’s in the first page then it must be the right answer, and SEO helps business owners become the right answer by bumping their place in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly referred to as SEO for short, is a strategy that employs the utilization of the elements of a brand to get a higher ranking in search engines. Through various factors which can be manually manipulated and improved upon, companies take note of the algorithm that search engines use so that they can easily get a top spot on the engine’s pages by knowing which parts of their website they should improve on.

Common SEO Tricks

There is a long list of factors that need to be considered when it comes to improving your search engine ranking. Though some of them might require more than just slight tinkering, here are some that are simple enough for you to employ in your own social media pages.

Keyword Density

Keyword density pertains to the number of times that a keyword appears on your page. Depending on the service that you offer, common terms might pop up on your customers’ search bars. For example, if you’re selling furniture then you might expect your potential clients to use the words modern, rustic, oakwood, or marble to match their preferences. Having these words pop up on the same page frequently can give you more hits, but be careful in injecting the terms too much as the algorithm could sense it as spam instead.

User Engagement

User engagement pertains to developing your site’s activity. It can be in the form of visitor hit count or the likes and shares that your page has. A better sense of knowing if your page has a high rate of activity is if your customers regularly interact in your page. It can be in the form of commenting on posts, reviewing items, or even just sharing ratings with other customers. Providing a space for your potential clients can interact won’t just increase your hit count but will also foster a community that you can look to ask for improvements and suggestions.

Benefits of Employing SEO for Your Business

From major brands to small businesses, SEO has had an immense impact. Though it may seem like some sort of gate-keeping for younger entrepreneurs, it should be a reminder that accessibility and inter-connectivity have never been the same and will continue to make the world smaller which makes it an excellent step forward for local businesses in the scene.

Increasing Brand Awareness

With the use of sponsored ads provided by various social media platforms, it’s now easier for brands to connect with potential customers by being able to place their ads in their customers’ personal feeds. The more eyes can see what your product is, the easier it is for it to be recognized and subscribed to.

Engaging Your Customers Online

Knowing how your digital numbers work will allow you to engage with your customers with ease while at the same time keeping your search engine ranking high. Quick and efficient customer engagement in the form of hosting contests and responding to their queries is an excellent way to make them feel safe and secure with the service that you offer.

Build a Strong Following

You’re not just improving your numbers to attract customers, you’re also raking in the street credit online so that you’ll be open to sponsors and partnerships. Influencers make a substantial cut of their earnings from sponsored videos and content all from the popularity of their pages and the high search engine ranking that they have. 

Upgrading your business strategies

Knowing about an introduction to SEO can only do so much, but you can also look towards learning from the best. Taking hints from popular brands and how they market themselves digitally can be an excellent first step in knowing what to imitate. If you’re looking for an extra hand, marketing and IT support agencies such as Chimes Consulting can help in making small and large businesses alike to make the most out of their digital marketing campaigns through revising and upgrading their strategies.

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