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2019's Most Brilliant Digital Marketing Campaigns

Making it on the top in today's digital world is not easy. But once you make it, you will be talked about all over the world. Social media plays a significant role when it comes to getting your name out there. Being viral in this age requires a person to be creative and witty. It is what we are going to give you on this list. The most brilliant digital marketing campaigns for 2019.

Top 5 Most Creative Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the last months, you have seen several ad campaigns on your feeds and television. Each commercial will either make you laugh, touch your heart, or make you want to purchase its products or services. Marketing campaigns are part of the most used strategies for businesses. It can either make or break your brand. An effective digital marketing campaign is measured by the number of views, shares, likes, and of course, the return of ad spent. 

We have searched the digital world of which are the most creative and brilliant campaigns made in 2019, and here are the top 5 of our list:

1. Not Everything Makes the Cut by Amazon – Alexa

Not Everything Makes the Cut is the Amazon Super Bowl LIII Commercial. We all know how marketing for business takes your brand on another level, and Amazon did a great job in doing this commercial. The commercial displays how Alexa's installed in different appliances such as microwave ovens, toothbrush, dog collar, and even Jacuzzis. You can get what the ad is about just by reading the title of the video. The ad is about the different appliances that didn't make the cut. 

It is creative and funny, for it gives you the idea of how smart Alexa can be. It also shows how it is not applicable for everyday needs. They also put some of the celebrities in the advertisement, which creates more spin in the video. Just imagine the chaos if your dog can order his food by the use of his dog collar. That is one of the best parts of this campaign. If you haven't seen this video yet, we suggest that you do and pick its brain for your next marketing campaign.

2. #ThisIsFamily by River Island

River Island is a clothing line for all genders and ages. They have several stores worldwide, and they're known for their superior comfort and quality. Last January 2019, River Island released a campaign called #ThisIsFamily. This campaign has made connections with their "Labels are for eClothes" campaign in the year 2018. They have shown that being a family has nothing to do with your gender, gender preferences, racial origin, sexual orientation, non-biological families, etc. 

It is an effective and creative campaign that promotes diversity and acceptance. It has shown that being a family shouldn’t have any standards and that the usual social norm stereotypes should stop looking at these families with judging eyes.

3. The Missing O’s by Oreo Cookie

Oreo has posted a campaign with missing O's on their logo last June 14. Many were baffled and confused as to what the post meant. A few hours later, Oreo released a statement that this is part of their initiative to take part in the World Blood Donor Day by the American Red Cross. They have pointed out the missing O’s as one of the blood types that you can donate at the iAmerican Red Cross.

This ad campaign is not just great for their marketing strategies, but also for the people who are in dire need of blood donors in America. Many people participated in the World Blood Donor Day, and the Oreo logo missing O's came back after that day.

4.  Dream Crazy by Nike

Nike’s Dream Crazy has made several people believe in themselves. This campaign aims to give the viewer a factual story of people who have gone through the hardest times in their lives but still managed to get up and reach their dreams. It is a brilliant masterpiece of marketing for business,  for it delivers its message effectively. 

The Nike Dream Crazy also has a counterpart for the empowered women of today called Dream Crazier. The same with Dream Crazy also displays the reward of risk-takers in the long run. This type of campaign is very timely due to the growing numbers of people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Many people suffer from these disorders due to their experiences in life that led to failure. The total number of views of this campaign is around 30 million and counting. It surely is a life-changing kind of campaign more than revenue focused campaign.

5. Burn That Ad by Burger King

You probably have seen this Burger King ad circulating on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The creative genius behind this advertisement is David SP. He knew that Burger King’s biggest rival is McDonald's, especially in the advertisement part. In every road, corner, and mobile application, you will see advertisements for McDonald's. So he created the Burn that Ad campaign that allows you to burn any McDonalds’ advertisement with the Burger King mobile app in your phone, and in return, you will get a voucher for a free Whopper at Burger King.

The ad burning campaign went like wildfire that the burger chains' revenue said to have doubled. The creativity of this marketing campaign is so effective for it combines user interaction and satisfaction with the freebie. 

The campaigns shown above are the most famous and successful ones for 2019. You can see how creative and brilliant their marketing strategies are and how they helped their business get better revenue and identity. If you are looking for ideas, pegs, and references to get those creative juices flowing, you can always check out this post. Make sure to pin this post as part of your marketing for the business bookmark tab and still be inspired by this list.

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